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Eriobotrya japonica

Loquat, Japanese Medlar

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Eriobotrya japonica is usually seen in the UK as a large and architectural evergeen shrub, grown for its huge, leathery, heavily-corrugated oval leaves, velvety beneath. Established plants show remarkable drought tolerance - unsual for a large leafed plant- and are a feature of many Mediterranean style plantings, despite their eastern origins. In mild areas heavily scented flowers are produced in autmn/winter and ripening, with luck, to give the distinctive orange fruits that are exotically juicy and sweet. Related to the apple, the loquat fruit is similarly high in pectin and thus suited to making jam and jellies.

Eriobotrya japonica Identification Sheet

southeastern China
Common name(s)
Loquat, Japanese Medlar
Full sun to part shade, any well-drained soil
Eventual height
10m, though usually less
Eventual spread
Fult hardy
Skill level

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one of my fave trees arrived in perfect condition, very healthy and bigger than expected.

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I couldn't source this eriobotrya from any of my usual sources so took a chance on the Palm Centre mail order. It arrived promptly by next day service to Manchester. It was a really good quality healthy shrub, well packed and very good value for money. It was also a good size and bushy. I'm very pleased and will happily buy from here again and recommend to others. Thanks very much.

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<p>Japanese medlar (nottingham).....and loquat (e..japonica) what is the difference as I may (from) have mistaken my purchase .....leaves are the same ???...or is shinny leaf rather than dull upper face the discriminator .....hate to make the same mistake again,looking to ripen in a wall garden against wall ...would appreciate knowledge of the error of my purpose ...many thanks ..Tony </p><p style="margin-left:30px;"><strong style="color:#3f48cc;">Palm Centre replies: Hi Tony, the Eriobotrya japonica is also known as Japanese medlar or loquat tree. It was formerlyt thought to be closely related to the genus Mespilus (the medlar family), and this is the reason it's sometimes referred as the Japanese medlar, or the Japanese plum. For more information regarding the loquat tree, you can also check the <a href="">RHS website page on the loquat tree</a>.</strong<br /> > <br /></p>

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