Trithrinax campestris

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Trithrinax campestris

Caranday Palm

Trithrinax campestris - 35Ltr pot, 40/60cm tall (extra weight consignment)
Caranday Palm is a strikingly architectural plant. It slowly forms a stout trunk, clothed in wickedly sharp fibres (hence the name Needle Palm) and has varyingly green or silvery grey stiff, plastic-textured fan leaves that are tipped with vicious points. All in all, not a plant to cuddle and best sited away from high traffic areas. Trithrinax campestris is a slow grower and particularly takes a long while to recover from disturbance. It is best planted in sandy, well-drained soil and, although considerably drought tolerant when established, benefits from being watered copiously during summer. Interestingly seeds will usually contain two embryos and produce twin plants!



Great 10 litre plant with unblemished foliage. Transplanted easily into a prepared spot in the garden and looks superb with its grey/green frond colour. Would recommend this unusual palm.



Trinthrinax arrived safely today. Beautiful plant,exactly as described and delivered next day. Fantastic service. Many thanks

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