Nolina nelsonii

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Nolina nelsonii

Blue Beargrass Tree

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Nolina nelsonii is a robust, trunk-forming stem succulent related to Yucca and Dasylirion from a limited range within Northeastern Mexico where it is locally extremely abundant on arid plains. It has long, stiff, grey-blue leaves, held in an open dome, with a short 'petticoat' of spent leaves beneath. This is an exceptionally architectural and imposing plant, rivalling any trunked yuccas for dramatic presence. Although not long in cultivation, it has already survived down to -12C in the open garden. Additionally, by nolina standards, it is actually quite fast growing making it an exciting new addition to the arid garden.



Beautiful plant. Striking. Well packaged and very healthy specimen



What a beautiful specimen! It arrived in perfect condition, and was robustly packed. This is my second purchase from palm centre, and again I am a very happy customer.

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