Fleece Jackets
Plant Fleece Jackets

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Fleece Jackets

Fleece plant protection

Plant Fleece Jacket - Small, pack of 4 jackets

The plant fleece jackets give instant protection to your plants against frost, weather and pests. They allow sunlight, air and moisture to filter through and help maintain healthy growth. A must have for your plant’s winter protection!

Easy Fleece Jackets are quick and easy to use and give your plants instant protection from frost and other harsh weather. Simply pop the jacket over the plant and secure with the integral drawstring around the base. Made from high-grade 35gsm polypropylene fleece, they let through light and moisture maintaining healthy growing conditions, and the natural-green colour makes them unobtrusive in the garden.  No need to struggle with lengths of regular fleece to wrap up your plants â just slip on an Easy Fleece Jacket and the job is done!


Large Fleece Jacket Size: Height 180cm, Width 120cm

Medium Fleece Jacket Size: Height 100cm, Width 80cm

Small Fleece Jacket Size: Height: 80cm, Width 60cm



nice colour, fit my plant and easy to use.



Very pleased, thank you! The pale green colour is really lovely too.

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