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Plant fertilizer

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Please follow the instructions on the label and do not overfeed!
Bamboo Fertiliser
(N.P.K. fertiliser 24-6-16 + trace elements)

This specially formulated fertilizser can make a real difference to the grwoth and health of all Bamboos. They are hungry plants and require generous feeding, especially during the periods of active growth in spring and autumn. This slow release fertiliser will supply all the nutrients your bamboos need over a period of 6 months. (Slow Release)

Tree Fern Fertiliser
(N.P.K. fertiliser 18-6-12)

Tree ferns benefit greatly from the addition of balanced fertiliser which can be double the speed at which they grow. This easy to use formulation has been specially developed to maximize growth, maintain colour and ensure a strong healthy plant. Its suitable for all ferns both in pots and in the ground. (Water soluble)

Palm Fertiliser
(N.P.K. fertiliser 15-5-15 with Magnesium and Trace Elemaents)

Palms have special fertiliser requirements. In consultation with growers in the USA and on the Continent we have developed a special fertiliser which will satisfy their needs. the unique formulation is suitable for all species of palm whether large or small, indoor or outdoor, potted or in the ground. (Water soluble)



I have an ailing bamboo, since planting, it has really struggled but for 3 years it has remained alive. The bamboo fertiliser was duly fed to my poorly plant and already, 2 weeks later, it has started sprouting new leaves and is looking so much happier. Fantastic ! So pleased. Thank you

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