Dryopteris seiboldii

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Dryopteris seiboldii

Siebold`s Wood Fern

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Siebold's Wood Fern is rather unlike other members of the genus Dryopteris resembling, to again quote fern expert Sue Olsen, '... a Pteris on steroids'. This remarkable evergreen produces but a few leaves each year, each compising of a few, wide, leathery greyish-green leaflets lending the fern a distinct and exotic look. It is difficult to please, said to prefer warmer growing conditions than can usually be supplied in the UK: warm shade is something of a rarity here! Will tolerate drier conditions than many ferns, again underscoring its individuality.



Grows well here in North Wales; an important issue has been degree of shade. I've moved mine twice; it's now in light shade but gets very little direct sunlight and is growing away well. With me, direct sunlight is definitely a no-no; soil is neutral clay loam with quite deep mulching each spring. This fern looks lovely with Omphalodes cappadocica.



This beautiful fern always struggles up on the west coast of Scotland, being very late into new frond. It rarely looks happy outdoors - i think it prefers a warmer climate!



Warm shade seems right. Pot grown plants (somewhat under-potted) thrive indoors in UK winter and seem to appreciate the warmth.

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