Blechnum penna-marina

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Blechnum penna-marina

Alpine Water Fern

Blechnum penna-marina - 2-3Ltr pot
The Alpine Water fern is a tremendous little fern for giving evergreen ground cover at a low level, particularly useful for front of the border or rock garden pockets. The creeping rhizome spreads the plant into a small colony resembling a patch of upright, wiggly green maggots! However Blechnum penna-marina is never troublesomely invasive as, rooting close to the surface, it is easily removed from where unwanted. New growth is particularly colourful: bronze in shade but almost bright red in a sunny position. All in all a delightful and trouble free garden plant



Excellent plants. Really strong, healthy ferns with a good root system present. Within the market place they represent great value. Palm Centre's service is excellent.

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