We welcome you to our nursery, but please be advised there have been a few changes to the way we operate.

All visitors are asked to respect social distancing of 2 meters

We only accept contactless or card payments

Waiting times may be longer during this period

We are not able to help with loading plants into your cars; if your plants are too large or heavy to take away with you, please ask about our delivery service

We can supply you with paper carrier bags for smaller plants, we do not have any wrapping materials available for larger plants

Toilets are closed. Please ask a member of staff about the procedure on getting access. 

All pets must be kept on a lead and must not approach other customers or staff.

We do not currently have the staff available to walk around with customers in the nursery.

Any abuse to our staff will not be tolerated.

If you do not wish to observe the above rules, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises.