We are excited to open our gates again on the 27th of May and welcome you back to our nursery.

We have been busy propagating lots of plants so we are full of beautiful stock, as well as preparing our nursery as a safe place for you to visit.


In order to operate in a safe and effective manner please consider the following before you plan your visit:

  • Our opening hours have changed: 9am-4pm, Tuesday to Saturday. We will now be closed on Sundays and Mondays

  • Please limit your shopping party to 2 people, this includes children.

  • We will have a member of staff at the entry gate to make all our new guidelines clear.

  • Once the nursery is full (40 customers) we will operate a one in, one out entry flow. This applies equally to customers arriving by car, bike or on foot.

  • If you are not able to load the plants you purchase into your car unaided, we suggest at this point you make use of our delivery service.

  • We cannot safely wrap individual plants or offer wrapping materials, please come prepared.

  • Our toilets will be closed to the public.

  • Our focus is on processing your purchases as quickly and efficiently as possible, we may not have the time or staff to attend to you personally with advice and recommendations.

  • Social distancing applies throughout the nursery, please be alert to keeping 2m from staff and other customers.


We hope to be able to offer you the same friendly service as usual but please be prepared that the above measures and overall popularity of plant buying at this time may lead to slightly longer waiting times at the tills.


We look forward to seeing you soon.