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Phoenix roebelenii

Pygmy date palm

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The Pygmy Date Palm is another usefully compact palm that adapts well to growing in lower light levels coupled with low humidity and neglect - allowing its delicate arching feathery leaves and thin fibrous trunk to be enjoyed indoors as a houseplant. Better, though, if given bright light and a buoyant atmosphere in a conservatory or greenhouse where the improved growing conditions are repaid with better growth and overall appearance. If slowly acclimatised to full sun Phoenix roebelenii enjoys a spell outside during the frost free months.

Phoenix roebelenii Identification Sheet

Laos, southeast Asia
Common name(s)
Pygmy date palm
Full sun to part shade, moist, well-drained soil
Eventual height
3m but slow growing indoors, unlikely to outgrow its space
Eventual spread
Best kept above 5C
Skill level

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Palm trees are one of the most popular choices for indoor plants to grow. They provide the majestic beauty of a tropical garden and the ease of care. The less mature palms can be used as a desk plant for a small office and even in bathrooms of some homes. 

An inevitable problem encountered by growing palms indoors is the amount of dust that builds up on the leaves over time. 


The soil in the pots should be kept moist and never be allowed to dry out. During the summer months you will be watering as much as twice per week to maintain moisture levels, whereas in winter you should water sparingly.

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A splendid tree with a generous 65 cm trunk. The Palm Centre staff were very friendly and helpful, likewise their chosen carriers. I appreciated the care taken to avoid despatching the palm during a cold snap. I recommend the Palm Centre plants and mail order service.

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Verified purchase

Wow, what a fabulous palm tree. I ordered the £149 size i.e. the smallest, but it is amazing and fills a complete corner of my conservatory with the spread of the palms creating a really calm and peaceful atmosphere - just what I wanted. I also purchased a Dypsis and Beaucarnea - opting for big planting over lots of smaller plants and so glad I did. This is back to being my favourite place to sit and recoup from the stresses of daily life. Delivery was excellent; good communication to keep me informed.

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Verified purchase

Love this plant! Fills the living room space perfectly. Great service as I had my old address down and they resent the plant to my current address straight away. Would recommend this company for their professionalism and products!

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Excellent really well packaged in perfect condition so happy

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Verified purchase

I was absolutely amazed when my Mum unwrapped this on Xmas Day. I wanted to buy her an indoor palm tree, and of course, I expected the tree to look palmish, but this is a proper looking palm tree!!! Its just amazing!!! All comms with The Palm Centre were brilliant and they went out their way to help me as I live in Dubai. 5 star, quality service. I would recommend this tree and this company to simply anyone. Thank you so much!

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Verified purchase

Beautiful palm! I bought the £49 one for my conservatory and a spell outside in the summer. It's a lovely healthy, bushy specimen. Delighted!

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Verified purchase

Best looking indoor palm has to be the Phoenix roebelenii! It's like a mini version of the huge palms you see on holiday. Snip off the needles to make house safe.

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