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Howea forsteriana

Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm, Thatch Palm

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The Kentia Palm is one of the most beautiful,popular and suitable palms for growing indoors. Almost unsurpassed for its tolerance of shady conditions, dry air and general neglect

Howea forsteriana has graced hallways, hotel lobbies and 'Palm Court' tea rooms since Victorian times. Where climate allows it makes a perfect street tree outside where adult plants glory in full sun - generally too harsh for juvenile plants indoors.

Although often seen as multi-stemmed potted specimens Kentia Palms are solitary trunked - but it is hard to resist the lush effect of three or more small plants together!

Howea forsteriana Identification Sheet

Lord Howe Island
Common name(s)
Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm, Thatch Palm
Bright light to shade, moist, well-drained soil
moist, well-drained soil
Eventual height
3m indoors, unlikely to outgrow its space
Eventual spread
Best kept above 5C
Skill level

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Palm trees are one of the most popular choices for indoor plants to grow. They provide the majestic beauty of a tropical garden and the ease of care. The less mature palms can be used as a desk plant for a small office and even in bathrooms of some homes. 

An inevitable problem encountered by growing palms indoors is the amount of dust that builds up on the leaves over time. 


The soil in the pots should be kept moist and never be allowed to dry out. During the summer months you will be watering as much as twice per week to maintain moisture levels, whereas in winter you should water sparingly.

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Customer reviews


Kentia Palm


I received this palm and noticed how carefully it had been packed to ensure it arrived safely. It is now in its new position, and I have just fed it with your special palm feed, which it immediately responded to. I appreciate it takes some time for it to feel at home in its new environment, but it is looking very fine and happy, and is a lovely shape and very healthy. My recent experience with Department store palms has been disappointing, having once successfully kept a Kentia palm for many years, until it outgrew the house! So, I am hoping that buying from an expert in Kentia palms is the secret - buying quality in the first place. I was also pleased to have it at a reduced price. Many thanks.




Beautiful healthy plant that looks wonderful.


The Palm Centre is excellent in Palms & Cycads! I`m very content!


Absolutely lovely plant, much bigger and better than I expected. It came beautifully packaged and now looks marvellous in my living room. In fact I liked it so much I purchased a smaller one for another room.


I have just recieved my new palm and it is so beautiful. It was by far the best price and best quality plant I have seen and I have been researching everywhere for one in my house. I am really impressed with the palm centre great communication to the customer, excellent delivery and a great product.


Plant arrived quickly and in excellent condition. 2 weeks on and I've still not managed to kill it yet so it must be very healthy!

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