Humata tyermanii

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  • Humata tyermanii

Humata tyermanii

White Rabbit's Foot Fern

A beautiful and unusual fern native to Fiji. Makes a wonderful and easy to care for houseplant in the UK. Its main requirements needed in order to thrive are a brightly lit spot (but away from direct sunlight) and regular, small amounts of water. These ferns love high humidity so a position in a bathroom or kitchen would be perfect.

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This fern originally native to Fiji has gained much attention over the last decade or so for being an attractive decorative fern for the home (or any indoor space). Requires little care beyond the right position out of bright direct sunlight along with regular watering. Can reach an eventual height of 1-2ft.

The foliage of the Humata tyermanii fern is a rich and plush green which unfurls from softly hairy rhizomes that creep along the top of the soils surface and eventually dangle over the sides of the pot.

Humata tyermanii care-

Position- Indirect but bright spot. Like humidity so a bathroom or kitchen is ideal.

Watering- Regular small amounts of water in the growing season. Avoid the plant sitting in water. Water into the soil directly rather than into the centre of the fern as this can cause rot.

Feed- No feed is strictly required however a weak solution of a good quality houseplant fertiliser may be used in the growing season/ summer months.

Temperature- Average indoor temperatures- 18-24c is ideal.

Care tips- Mist or wipe the foliage to keep it looking clean fresh, as well as dust free. Rotate the fern to maintain a uniform shape and form. Repot in spring once the pot is root bound.

Humata tyermanii Identification Sheet

Species / Cultivar
Common name(s)
White Rabbit's Foot Fern
Indoors, bright but indirect light
Good potting compost
Eventual height
1 - 2ft.
Tender, best kept above 12 degrees
Skill level

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