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Blechnum 'Volcano'

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Blechnum 'Volcano'

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A rare offering of this dwarf Brazilian tree fern! Only recently introduced to the UK market, these dwarf tree ferns are set to make an impact in your garden.

Most Blechnum species are evergreen ferns. This Brazilian species is growing a trunk of about 30 cm over time. 

The fronds are emerging in spring bright red and as they mature they turn bronze to green as they mature. 

The plants prefer a shaded spot with rich acid soil in the Southern part of the UK and in containers that can be put under glass in winter if in colder areas of the UK. 

Frequently asked questions about tree ferns

Where are your tree ferns coming from?

Most of the D.antarctica tree ferns we sell come from Victoria, Australia. The juvenile ones are grown in Europe. 

The trunks of D.antarctica are collected from the wild, from areas that are repurposed. They are collected under the strict monitoring of The Department for Sustainability and Environment, under the Flora and Fauna Act of 1988. This ensures that the harvesting is done in a sustainable way, that will not damage the survival of the ecosystem.

How often should I water my tree fern?

Luckily, watering tree ferns is very simple: is just a case of mimicking how they would receive water in their natural habitat. Tree ferns live below the trees canopy, along the floor of the temperate rain forests, but as well as absorbing ground water through their roots, they can also collect water from their leaves which drains into the crown and further down into the trunk. 

Unless, you live in the wettest parts of the UK, tree ferns require regular watering, especially in dry weather, to keep the trunk damp. 

Should I cut the fronds in winter?

The tree ferns are evergreen ferns. In a sheltered garden they may not lose their leaves not even in the harshest winters. 

We do not recommend cutting the fronds of the tree ferns, as this will lead to the trunk becoming thinner as the plant grows. 

The existing fronds can be protected in winter with a horticultural fleece to avoid frost damage. The trunk does not require any protection. When preparing the plants for winter, avoid using non-breathable materials like bubble wrap or plastic sheets. 

How deep should I plant my tree fern?

As a rule of thumb, 1-3 feet of the trunk need to go in the ground when planting the tree fern. You can use tree stakes if planting the tree fern in a shallow hole to support it for 2-4 years while the plant is developing a new root system.

Why are tree ferns so expensive?

Tree ferns collected from the wild are in short supply, as there are tight controls about their harvesting. They are really slow growing, adding only about 1-2 inches per year in trunk height. A mature plant, with only 2 ft of trunk can take up to 25-30 years to grow!

Can a tree fern grow in full sun?

Tree ferns grow in part shade and thrive in moisture rich environments. Bringing a tree fern into full sun may scorch the new growth and dry out the trunk really fast. A good position for a tree fern is part shade with a good layer of mulch applied to prevent the soil from drying out. 

Can I keep my tree fern in a pot?

Tree ferns will absorb nutrients from the soil in which they are planted, as well as from the decaying matter that collects on and in the trunk. The roots that go in the ground will stabilize the plant, but they are not required to spread in on a large area. 

Tree fern trunks can be kept in pots for very long time. Make sure you choose a big enough pot to provide stability for the plant, as the leaves may reach considerable lengths and make the plant unstable in high winds. 

Frequently asked questions about ground ferns

What is an evergreen fern?

Evergreen plants are species of plants that are adapted to keep their foliage all year round. They are ideal to provide year-round interest, as opposed to deciduous plants what lose their leaves in winter. 

Can you keep ferns in a pot?

Ferns can grow in pots without any problem. They will grow in most places where other plants will fail to thrive. Their fibrous root system will expand quite fast in rich, well drained soil with an abundance of organic matter. 

Can I keep an outdoor fern indoors?

Ground ferns can be kept indoors also. They can be kept indoors over the winter, provided you mist them every other day to prevent the tips from getting brown.

Are coffee grounds good for ferns?

Coffee grounds are in general very acidic. You can apply once a year, in spring, coffee grounds to the ferns to acidify the soil, however you should stay away from doing this too often as high acidity in the soil may inhibit growth. 

Can I use Epsom salts on my ferns?

Epsom salts are made from a compound called magnesium sulphate. Magnesium is an essential component of the chlorophyll in the leaves. Plants in pots can benefit from extra magnesium, as many of the nutrients get washed away by rain and watering.

Use two teaspoons for every 5 litres of water and apply once a month in the growing season. This will help the leaves have a rich, deep dark green colour. 

Outdoor plants pot sizes
Outdoor plants pot sizes

With items such as ferns, juvenile tree ferns and herbaceous plants it is difficult to give the exact size of each species when such a wide range of plants are grown so we specify standard pot sizes to give an indication of the size and/or age of the plant you are buying.

Sometimes the pot size might vary slightly from the standard or we might listed as 2-3 litre pot, depending on the growers we purchased them from. However, the sizes of the plants are similar in height and spread.

Sometimes the plants might be photographed in decorative pots. However, please bear in mind that our plants are kept in plastic nursery pots.

Plants measurements
Plant measurements

For the outdoor plants, that are meant to be planted in the ground, the height of the pot is excluded from the measurement. The height is measured from the top of the pot to the tallest leaf or branch of the plant.

All plants are measured when brought to our nursery, however, due to natural factors, the actual size of the plant might change over time due to adjustments to the environment. When picking multiple plants for an order, we aim to pick matching plants.

Plant warranties

We can guarantee that the plants leave our nursery disease free, but weather and local conditions might affect their survival. Make sure you always make an informed purchasing decision.

The plants that leave our nursery are in the best condition, free of disease. Kept in adequate conditions (positioning and care), the plants are guaranteed for 3 months if they are planted in the ground or one year if they are kept in their original pots. Return policy applies only to plants that are in their original pots.

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Due to the nature of the consignments, the courier's drivers are not insured to carry goods through your property. The standard delivery location is the border of your property or the entrance of a communal space. If other arrangements need to be made, please get in touch with us as soon as the order is placed. Vouchers and small boxes can be posted through the letterbox, provided there is unrestricted access to it. 

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