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Asplenium nidus

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Bird's Nest Fern

The Asplenium nidus indoor fern is an epiphytic plant (meaning that it draws moisture from the air) known as the 'Bird's Nest Fern', it roots itself to trees in its natural habitat and warmer climates such Thailand where it is found in the wild.

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Although a tropical fern which grows happily on trees in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, the 'Bird's Nest Fern' has adapted well to temperate climates where it's now used as a houseplant. 

When juvenile the Asplenium nidus fern can stay in most houses and offices, but once it matures a conservatory would be the best location to accommodate the fronds.

Keep soil moist at all times but not soggy. Water around the edge of the centre rosette to avoid the water becoming stagnant in the middle which may cause rot.

Asplenium nidus care-

Position- Moderate, indirect light. Avoid bight sunlight or deep shade.

Temperature- Average household temperatures around 18-24c are ideal.

Watering- Regular small amounts of water especially in the growing season. Do not allow to sit in water. Water into the soil around the fern rather than into the centre as this can cause rot.

Feed- No feed is strictly needed but a weak solution of a good quality houseplant feed may be used in the summer.

Care tips- Remove dust from the fronds with a a damp cloth to keep the plant looking its best. Rotate the plant to ensure that all sides get light and so an even form is maintained. 

Asplenium nidus Identification Sheet

southeastern Asia, eastern Australia, Hawaii, Polynesia, Christmas Island, India, and eastern Africa
Species / Cultivar
Common name(s)
Bird's Nest Fern
Indoors, shade
epiphytic plant
Eventual spread
1 m (unlikely to outgrow its space)
Tender, best kept above 12 degrees
Skill level

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