Jubaea chilensis

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Jubaea chilensis

Chilean Wine Palm

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Jubaea chilensis - 10Ltr pot, 70/90cm tall, juvenile
Jubaea chilensis - 55Ltr pot, 120/140cm tall (Additional shipping may apply)
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Jubaea chilensis, 65Ltr pot, 140/160cm tall with 30cm of trunk (Additional shipping may apply)
The imposing Chilean Wine Palm has the widest trunk of any palm species and, remarkably, is also one of the hardiest. Meaning that this beautiful behemoth will grow happily, albeit slowly, throughout much of the UK. In its homeland Jubaea chilensis is now considered an endangered species due, in part, to over-exploitation in the past for the manufacture of 'palm wine'. This is made by fermenting the collected sap which involves cutting down the whole tree. There is a majestic specimen of Jubaea chilensis growing in the Temperate House at Kew Gardens which is the largest indoor plant in the world.

Received my Jubaea and wow what a beautiful looking thing! Very healthy and very pleased with my purchase!!!

17 April 2015 by:Andrew

Ordered at midnight in bed...came a couple of days later and it's a beauty! Well pleased, much better example than my local garden centres - I will order again.

21 June 2014 by:david sykes

Fantastic palm that really is hardy in our temperate climate. Will withstand heavy snow and frost once established and larger enough. More of these palms should be planted in the UK. My Jubaea has come through some very harsh winters recently without hardly any damage in my Norfolk garden.

27 January 2014 by:Stephen J Oakley

Fantastic example of this palm. Great next day delivery which was well packed. Communication was 1st class. I would recommend this palm centre to all.

17 January 2014 by:Tim Oakes